Nick Spreitzer

Software Engineer

Austin, Texas

I grew up in Torrance, California. Went to West Torrance High then UCSB. Graduated with degrees in History and Asian American Studies, dead set on becoming a history professor. Somewhere around my first year of graduate school I started both skydiving and programming, two activities that would utterly consume me over the next 10 years. I eventually abandoned my academic aspirations to pursue a career in software development instead. While historiography has remained a hobby, coding has proven to be my main (professional) squeeze. Later, after close to 1,500 jumps, I found myself increasingly more attracted to the slopes than the skies, and I retired from skydiving. I currently live in Austin, Texas with my wife Jill where I work as a software engineer and run, cycle, and blog as much as I can. We ski in Colorado. (No snow in southern Texas. Boo.)

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