Nick Spreitzer

Director of Engineering

Everywhere, USA

I grew up in Torrance, California. Went to West Torrance High, then the University of California at Santa Barbara. I studied history, dead set on becoming an academic. Somewhere around my first year of graduate school I started both skydiving and programming, causing my life to take a turn. Eight months after writing my first line of code, I accepted a full-time job as a software developer, dropped out of grad school, and never looked back. I spent the following 10 years almost exclusively focused on jumping out of airplanes and writing code. After about 1,500 jumps, right around the time I met my fabulous wife, I retired from skydiving and moved my career in a more managerial direction. Today I’m based in Texas but travel the country extensively and work as a director of engineering in the cybersecurity industry.

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